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Oy Mamachka: Russian Dolls To Premier On Lifetime

Get excited for the real guidos of Brighton Beach. Read More

By / July 25, 2011
Jewcy loves trees! Please don't print!

I love me some Jersey Shore: those who watch it can’t get enough of this almost anthropological, unapologetic glimpse into the pseudo-glamorous lives of the self-occupied. And now, droogs, we can look forward to Lifetime’s Russian Dolls series that refocuses the cam on the other, equally tan and scummy situations to the south in Brighton Beach. If you plan on bouncing like a quarter off of Snookie’s ass, you’re missing out on a valuable primary source chronicling American life. (Check this video of Roman’s casting call that really emphasizes family, clubbing, and money values in the Brighton Beach guido). Compare it to Jerry Springer or C-SPAN–the naked truth is finally out to be digested. And if that makes you want to vom, hold it down–wasting vodka is a crime in these parts.