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The Big Jewcy: Alicia Yaffe – 21st Century Marketing Wizard

You know how good Alicia is at her job? She’s been hired by dead legends to do marketing and brand management. She’s just that good. Read More

By / June 9, 2011
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To the dismay of many, the Don Draper way of doing things is way in the past (and not returning to your television set anytime soon).

As CEO of the Spellbound Group, Alicia Yaffe is has become quite good at marketing and brand management in the 21st century.  Meeting objectives through community cultivation and activation, Alicia picked up a lot of her business acumen by co-managing So-Cal Punk stalwarts Unwritten Law.

Her roster of clients is impressive (social media for the estates of The Doors and Janis Joplin!), and her work ethic is unquestioned.  Now all Alicia need is her own television show.