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This Bar Mitzvah Will Definitely Be Cooler Than Yours

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By / January 16, 2014









13-year-old Sophie Schondorf isn’t getting as lavish as a bat mitzvah as her two older siblings, but will still have a famous surprise performance, because come on–you can’t throw a bat mitzvah at ritzy New York City club Marquee without having a headliner.

The daughter of oil and commodities trader Jeffrey Schondorf will throw an intimate affair at the club, going for a more modest approach in lieu of the current state of the economy.

According to the New York Post,“We downsized it from someplace else because I couldn’t afford it,” Jeffrey said. “Times have changed and I don’t want my girl to feel bad.”

The celebration follows up her brother Zack’s glitzy bar mitzvah at Cipriani Downtown in 2004 and the unforgettable “Renee Takes New York” party he threw in 2006 at the Rainbow Room, which was transformed into a 1940s supper club with a marching band that reportedly cost $1 million.

Brings you back to yester-year, no? Sadly, “Jillian’s Beach Bash” circa 2003 can’t contend in this category, but it’s nice to know that lavish over the top bat mitzvah are on the decline.

Cause, c’mon. Save it for the wedding!


(Photo by Vanity Fair)

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