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What Do Jew Do On Christmas: Todd Levin, Writer/Comedian

One of the contributors to our favorite funny sex book of 2010, tells us what he does for Christmas. Read More

By / December 24, 2010

Before I met my wife, Lisa–a Southern Baptist–I typically spent Christmas arguing with my family about which movie to see. (I’m still angry at you, Yentl.) Now I spend the day forcing a polite smile as I fish around in my Christmas stocking from Lisa’s parents, removing the puzzling “gifts” inside—travel toothpaste, pencil erasers, off-brand Oreos. In that way, Christmas is a lot like Hanukkah.

Todd Levin is a writer and comedian.  He was one of the writers of Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk.  He writes for some guy named Conan who has a popular late night television show.