The 2011 Jewish Mothers Hall Of Fame Inductees

Six names made our inaugural class for the Jewish Mother Hall of Fame. We’re sure there will be complaints over our picks, but we’re okay with that. Read More

By / May 5, 2011

It’s that special time of year when you try to figure out what gift to bestow upon the woman who created you and made you everything that you are.  Mother’s Day is this weekend, the time when you decide if roses are enough to say “thank you” to the woman that squeezed your fat ass out of a really tiny hole.

If the Jews have done one thing better than most other cultures, it is making the mother the most powerful person in the entire family.  While Judaism still has its share of misogynistic faults (Example: Young Israel recently ruled that women cannot hold presidential positions on their synagogue boards) and people like “The Tiger Mom” try to take over her territory, the Jewish mother will always be the queen, king, and overall ruler of the Jewish family.

This year, Jewcy has decided to introduce six mothers into the inaugural class of the Jewish Mother Hall of Fame.  The class ranges from old to brand new, and isn’t supposed to be meant primarily as a focus on the specific women listed below, but more of a thank you to all Jewish mothers.

Without any delay, we give you the 2011 Jewish Mother Hall of Fame inductees.


We know this is painfully obvious, but it would be sort of ridiculous to have a Jewish Mothers Hall of Fame without the woman who started it all.  So thank you Sara for making the first Jewish babies.

Mrs. Goldberg

Gertrude Berg is the O.G. when it comes to Jews on television.   And when you think about the period in which her show The Goldbergs was on the air, 1949-1956, that’s actually no small feat.

Joan Rivers

We realized that if Joan Rivers was your mom that nothing would ever shock you, and that it’s totally acceptable to keep getting work done because you will never have as many facelifts as your mother.

Leah Adler

Leah isn’t only on this list because her son is THE Jewish Hollywood power player (Steven Spielberg.  Ever heard of him?).  We also added her because she makes the best blintz in all of Los Angeles at her restaurant The Milky Way.

Mayim Bialik

We already named her our favorite parent blogger of 2010 over that the website Kveller, but you know what?  This is Blossom we’re talking about.  She went from child actress to well-adjusted Jewish mother.  How hard is that to pull off?

All the Mothers-in-Law, Ever.

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way now: all you mothers-in-laws are fabulous.  Some of us might think you’re a little crazy, but it’s only because we love you.