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New Study: Comfort Food Doesn’t Actually Comfort You

We say f*&k that. Here are 10 comforting recipes for late Fall. YOU WILL BE COMFORTED. Read More

By / November 5, 2014
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A new study claims that comfort food actually does nothing to comfort people, reports New York Magazine. Apparently when it comes to our feelings, all foods are created equal, and the thing that really makes us feel better is… time. (Or rather, the passing of it.)

You know what I say to that? F*&k science. F*&k empirical evidence. I believe in comfort food. Comfort food is the 14th principle of Jewish faith. That distant rolling sound you’re hearing is 500,000 bubbes clutching their pearls in horror, because they know what you need right now: a hot bowl of homemade motherf*&king chicken soup. Not some bullshit “study” suggesting you eat a “neutral” food like a “granola” bar. That granola bar can kish mir in tuchus. I’m making one of these Jewish-y comfort food recipes for dinner tonight. You should too.

  1. Dulce de leche Cheesecake for Shavuot (or the late-Fall blues)
  2. Joan Nathan’s Chicken Soup
  3. Stuffed Cabbage Kugel
  4. Spelt Honey Challah
  5. Kasha Mac and Cheese
  6. Southern Chili Cholent
  7. Sufganiyot (Israeli jelly donuts)
  8. S’mores Rugelach
  9. Shakshuka
  10. Chicken Schnitzel