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A Night at Shalom Japan

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From Sake kasu challah with raisin butter, to a lox bowl with rice, daikon, avocado, and ikura, the Jewish-Japanese cuisine at Shalom Japan manages to taste like the best of both worlds.  The South Williamsburg restaurant, which opened in August, is owned by Israeli-Japanese married couple and chefs, Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi, who flavorfully blend “authentically inauthentic Jewish and Japanese food.”

After failed attempts at keeping plans/the consistent overbooked message on OpenTable, I finally made it to the land of soy sauce and honey. After a little ways walk under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (the arduous journey/semi seedy cross-section left my friend a bit verklempt), we sat to dine. And I had one thing on my mind: noodles! Carbs, carbs, carbs.

Besides the room being sweltering (the people next to us agreed) and the server, a bit “head-in-the-clouds” (ugh, when you have to ask for water), our experience was relatively delightful!

The menu is extremely intricate, but the presentation refreshingly simple. The food was so “yum-worthy,” I snapped a few pictures (I felt fellow diners judging me for what looked like, “foodstagraming”) to share with you the deliciousness.

Tuna Tataki, Black Tahini

Udon, Berkshire Pork, Beet Horseradish, Spinach, Root Chips

Miso-Marinated Tile Fish, Beans, Dashi, Kale Tempura (photobombed for peace)

Sadly, I missed out on their Palmer Brut, Manichewitz concoction, “oy vey iz kir,” but alas, there’s always next time.

(Photo by Brea Souders)

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