Announcing: Jewish Celebrity March Madness!

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By / March 14, 2017


March Madness! It’s a thing in which basketball teams compete! People care!

Bless them, but the best MM competitions are pop cultural— like the one to pick the best Star Wars character, or especially the Muppets one.

So we here at Jewcy are having our own bracketed competition to pick our favorite Jewish celebrity of 2017— and we need your help to get us up to 64!

(OK; we can come up with 64 on our own, but it would be way too musical-theatre heavy.)

So who’s your favorite Jewish celebrity? They can be anything from actors, to athletes, to Supreme Court Justices, to daughters of the president (if you can think of any). As long as they’re famous, Jewish (patrilineal is OK if they identify as a Member of the Tribe), and preferably alive (sorry, Sarah Bernhardt), you can nominate them!

And how can you nominate a Jewish celebrity? There’s always commenting on this article, either here or on the Facebook link to this post. You can tweet at us. Heck, you can even message us on Tumblr. You can just shoot us a name, or you can give us a little explanation of why you’re nominating them; we may share it on the site.

We’ll announce the full bracket later this week, and then begin our head-to-head competition, as we go from 64, to 32, to 16, to 8, to 4, to 2, to ONE SUPREME JEWISH CELEBRITY OF THE YEAR.