Celebrity Trainer Isn’t Allowed To Transform Lena Dunham’s Body

Tracy Anderson loves ‘Girls,’ even all the diverse body types Read More

By / September 12, 2013

Attention, Girls fans: Lena Dunham is not allowed to lose weight. But Tracy Anderson, celebrity trainer for stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, loves the show and believes that she could train Dunham and change Hannah Horvath’s character—maybe she could even get Hannah at the front of kickboxing class with Shoshanna. Alas, producer Jenni Konner said, “you can’t transform her yet,” The Cut reports.

“Yes, I could transform her and I could transform her character. I was on the show – her character was doing my DVDs in an episode last season,” she said. “She does work out!” In the meantime, she likes seeing “diverse” bodies on TV. “One of the things I can’t stand the most is all the fashion magazines where all the women look exactly the same,” she continued. “I train everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow, you know, and I’m a totally different body type. I think there needs to be more emphasis in art and entertainment and fashion on all different body shapes.”

With all that body diversity love, it’ll be interesting to see what Anderson does to Dunham’s body if and when she gets her training hands on her.

Anyway, we all know that “endorphins don’t work” on Hannah: