Share Your Chanukah Chorror Story With Us LIVE in New York on 12/22!

We’re teaming up with OMGWTFBIBLE for a fun, mortifying holiday extravaganza. Read More

By / December 15, 2014
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We’re teaming up with our favorite bible/comedy podcast OMGWTFBIBLE to make your Chanukah as chorrifying as possible with ‘Chanukah Chorrors’: an open-mic story-telling event.

Have you got a horrifying holiday story, Chanukah or otherwise? Of course you do! On December 22 (that’s the seventh night of Chanukah/Hanukkah/Hanuka), we want you to take the stage at Beauty Bar for 7 minutes and share the most terrifying, mortifying, hilarious holiday tales in your arsenal.  Like that one time the Chanukah candles nearly burned your house down. Or maybe the time your Uncle Bernie hid a snake inside the turkey at Thanksgiving? And who can forget Passover 5772, when your weird cousin Donnie brought a firearm to Bubbe’s seder? Maybe you had a completely beastly Easter? No matter your religion, whatever the holiday: we want to hear about it.

The audience favorite will be determined with a 100% sober, empirically verified clap-o-meter and awarded a gift bag courtesy of us, Jewcy magazine!

If you’re in, sign up at ASAP.

Also, there were be latkes and jelly donuts. Of course.

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