Daily Jewce: A Catskills Makeover, Celebrate National Pickle Month, and more

In the news today: Anthony Hopkins cast as Aronofsky’s Methuselah, touring the garment district, the 10-year-old Jewish powerlifter, and more Read More

By / July 10, 2012
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• Anthony Hopkins will play Methuselah in Darron Aronofsky’s epic film, Noah.

• July is National Pickle Month! But pickles, food staple of Jewish immigrants, were not always loved by all.

• The Catskills region is trying to rebrand itself away from “Simon Says, rimshot comedians and Dirty Dancing.” Rude.

• A walk through New York City’s changing garment district.

• The 10-year-old Orthodox girl behind a record-breaking 209.4-pound deadlift.

• Drake throws a (NSFW) pool party—but it’s no bar mitzvah.