Daily Jewce: Amy Winehouse’s Wedding Dress Stolen, Elijah Wood’s ‘Cooties’

In the news today: Noah’s Ark replica not as sturdy as the original, the Jews of Cuyahoga County, and more Read More

By / November 1, 2012

• Two of Amy Winehouse’s dresses—including her wedding dress, which was going to be auctioned for charity—were stolen from her home in London, alleges the Amy Winehouse Foundation. [Access Hollywood]

• Mensches are in short supply in the family depicted off-Broadway in Bad Jews. [NY Observer]

• We’re not sure how we should feel about this, but the ark replica from the upcoming Russell Crowe film Noah was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. [NY Daily News]

• Meet the Jews of Cuyahoga County, OH. [NYT]

• Elijah Wood is starring in a horror film … called Cooties. [Hollywood Reporter]

• What happened when Israeli photographer Noam Galai discovered one of his photographs was being used, without credit or reimbursement, all over the place.