Daily Jewce: Chuck Norris May Be Going to Israel, Yom Kippur 5773 Roundup

In the news today: Caffeine suppositories during the fast, cycling in Tel Aviv, IV drips for elderly fasters, and more Read More

By / September 25, 2012

• Chuck Norris might be headed to Israel. Insert Chuck Norris joke here.

• Cycling remains the most popular Yom Kippur activity in Tel Aviv.

• IV drips help elderly and ill Jews fasting during Yom Kippur.

• From our Yom Kippur archives: Brian Frazer’s “Atonement Missive,: in which he attempts to atone for 364 days of sins in a few hundred words.

• Also from the archives: Caffeine suppositories and spiritual upliftment during Yom Kippur.

• Jewish comedian Elon Gold suggests it’s time to update the list of sins we atone for in synagogue: