Daily Jewce: Drake and Chris Brown Beef, Babs’ Mega Fundraiser, and More

In the news today: Drake and Chris Brown fight, Andy Cohen is baffled by gay GOP voters, Babs hosts a mega fundraiser, and more Read More

By / June 15, 2012
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• No. 1 MoT rapper Drake and No. 1 sleazeball rapper Chris Brown (and their entourages) reportedly got into a fight Wednesday night at a club in New York.

• Richard Belzer, who’s Jewish and really great on Law & Order: SVU, made a Nazi salute on a red carpet in Monaco. He claims he was referencing Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator—he also put two fingers to his lip to represent a Hitler mustache and then went on to show his butt to photographers—but the usual suspects (read: the ADL) are not pleased.

• To prepare his crew for filming Cosmopolis—which takes place mostly in a billionaire’s limousine—David Cronenberg screened the Israeli film Lebanon and the claustrophobic German war epic Das Boot.

• Barbra Streisand held a $20 million (!) fundraiser to raise money for research into women’s heart disease.

Larry David’s almost-lost sketches from ABC’s SNL competitor, Fridays.