Daily Jewce: Hitler’s Farts and Cocaine, ‘Girls’ Go to Camp Ramah, and more

In the news today: Etgar Keret talks Jewish fiction, Fred Karger named a power gay Republican, the born-again television show ‘GCB,’ and more Read More

By / May 4, 2012

• Hitler did coke and farted.

• Fred Karger, the gay Jewish Republican presidential candidate, is a Top 10 Power Gay Republican.

• Rachel Shukert on the under-watched television show GCB: “as if Gilda Radner was starring in a Tennessee Williams play.”

• Etgar Keret, Shalom Auslander, and Dara Horn discuss Jewish fiction.

• Omg, our girl Shoshanna totally namechecks Camp Ramah on Sunday’s episode of Girls:


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