Daily Jewce: Jesse Eisenberg is Not Mark Zuckerberg, Liza’s Technical Issues

In the news today: No new H&H Bagels (yet), Roeper reviews ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever,’ Anthony Wiener’s new digs, and more Read More

By / August 13, 2012

• Concert technical issues be damned, Liza Minnelli’s still got it.

• Matthew Shaer breaks down (get it!) the history of book recycling—a fate that Jonah Lehrer’s quote-fabricating book, Imagine, will likely soon meet.

• It looks like that new H&H bagels will not actually be opening in downtown Manhattan. Quit playing games with our heart, bagel lords.

• Anthony Wiener and Huma Abedin moved into fancy new Park Avenue digs.

• Richard Roeper gives his approval of Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg’s performances in their new movie, Celeste and Jesse Forever.

• NBC’s Olympic commentators mistook Jesse Eisenberg, sitting in the stands, for Mark Zuckerberg. Now that’s what we call committing to the character.