Daily Jewce: John Travolta’s Paranoia, Mayim Touts the Mikvah, and more

In the news today: Groucho Marx did the Charleston on Hitler’s grave, Sean Penn as Jewish gangster Mickey Cohen, the ultimate NPR “Fresh Air” afterparty, and more Read More

By / May 11, 2012
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• Mayim Bialik: mikvah spokeswoman.

• Rachel Shukert says John Travolta’s alleged assertion, revealed by a masseur in a lawsuit against Travolta, that Hollywood is controlled by “homosexual Jewish men,” is rooted in paranoia fueled by insecurity.

• Visiting Germany in 1958, Groucho Marx did the Charleston on the bunker where Hitler committed suicide.

• Sean Penn plays Jewish gangster Mickey Cohen in the absurd-looking new movie, Gangster Squad. Also, Ryan Gosling!

• What happens after the tape stops rolling on NPR’s “Fresh Air:”