Daily Jewce: Madonna’s Concert Peace Plea, Kibbutz Caviar, and more

In the news today: Jon Stewart takes on Mayor Bloomberg’s sugary drink ban, Kafka’s papers and the cat lady, a Florida synagogue hires its first female rabbi, and more Read More

By / June 1, 2012
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• Madonna makes an appeal for peace to the audience at her concert in Israel.

• A kibbutz in Northern Israel is behind much of the caviar served at fancy American restaurants.

• A Florida synagogue hires its first female rabbi, prompting an illustrated look back to when women weren’t able to become rabbis.

• The Kafkaesque story of how Kafka’s papers wound up in the home of a Tel Aviv cat lady.

• Jon Stewart responds to Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on sugary drinks with a rant about Carnegie Deli and rye bread yarmulkes. Classic Stewart.

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