Dan Savage Talks Monogamy on ‘The View’

But the hosts are shocked by his “monogamish” attitude and his threesome adventures Read More

By / October 9, 2013

When author and columnist Dan Savage went on The View last week, the hosts did a little prying into what they thought was an exotic outlook on monogamy. Savage explained that he doesn’t believe monogamy comes natural to men and that partners should understand that being monogamous is a choice not an instinct. Though Savage is not nearly the first person to question monogamy as a lifestyle, host Jenny McCarthy seemed unable to comprehend his argument. So Savage explained, explicitly. When he and his partner of 20 years cheat, they’re both literally involved in the act, at the same time.

Watch the clip below and enjoy the hosts squirming as Whoopi Goldberg laughs at the ass-kicking they’re probably about to take from the prude FCC. Curiosity killed the cat, and the daytime television hosts.

Thank you, Savage. You’re the best.


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