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Falafel Frenzy in D.C.

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By / December 24, 2013









Matzo Ball, I’d say you have some strong competition tonight. In Washington D.C. at the historic Howard Theatre, a group of young Jewish adults and community leaders will take part in a grassroots effort to fight hunger–with falafels!

With good reason, the peeps behind Falafel Frenzy were sick and tired of the same stereotypical Jewish events that you’re usually dragged to on December 24th. See a movie and eat Chinese tomorrow, because tonight you can feed hunger, eat falafel, and mix and mingle in a non over-hyped atmosphere with fellow Jews.

Plus, the Howard Theatre rocks! All people without a tree to light are invited from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. to give back to your awesome city.

Falafel: worth a trip from anywhere. #FALAFELDC


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