Fat Jew Teaches Bikram Yoga On F-train Subway Platform

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By / October 1, 2013

The Fat Jew, also known as comedian Fabrizio Goldstein, has taken to the subway platform to teach Bikram yoga for whoever’s down to get hot and sticky in the face of death by speeding train mixed with a shaky chair pose. This isn’t the Fat Jew’s first public transportation exercise endeavor, the Daily Intelligencer reports. Back in June, he taught a spinning on class on the stationed Citi Bikes that line New York streets.

“The rate of return for people who do it the first time is like 100 percent,” the Fat Jew (real name Fabrizio Goldstein) told Daily Intelligencer, explaining that he really does teach these classes for exercise, not just comedy. “Anyone who thinks it’s exploitative is making a tremendous snap judgement,” he said. “There’s water, food, and everybody feels good. There’s no obligation to go and the people who do have the most killer time.”

Sounds like a healthy use of a ridiculously hot and smelly venue. Bravo, Fat Jew.

(Still image from YouTube)