Favorite Twitter Folk Of 2010

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By / December 16, 2010

Favorite Twitter Account of the Year: @FatJew

A one man hilarity machine with a sweet Jewfro.  Can he keep it up in 2011?  Follow and find out.

Favorite Media Superstar: @Rachelsklar

We think it’s a proven fact that if you go online at any point of the day, Rachel Sklar is tweeting about something she finds interesting, and chances are you will agree with her.

Favorite Political Blogger Who Sometimes Discusses 80s Hardcore: @Attackerman

We’re fans of anybody who backs up tagline for their personal website: “National Security. Iraq. Punk Rock. Real Talk,” and uses a Black Flag album cover as their Twitter avatar,

His Danger Room blog at Wired to confirm some of our worst fears on the war on terror, his personal site is where we go first on our Google Reader.

Favorite Twitter picture: @Dan_Goldman

We’re fans of Dan.  What else can we say?

Favorite Jewish Mayoral Candidate Twitter Account that’s Probably a Fake: @MayorEmanuel

In theory, it really could be his Twitter, but we’re going to guess that it isn’t.

Favorite Twitter Account That Makes Us Hungry: @92YTribeca

The place always tweets around lunch about delicious stuff they’re making, and we would have to take a helicopter to get to it.  Thanks a lot guys.

Favorite Person to Start Jewish Twitter Arguments: @SethACohen33

Favorite use of Foursquare on Twitter: @PopJew

She wins ten grand on a television show, then goes across the country on a Greyhound bus.

Favorite Inventor of Hashtags: @TheFFJD

We didn’t give this award to her because she’s a Jewcy contributor, we did it because who else ends tweets in #spanx?  Nobody.  Not a single person.  She’s a trailblazer.

Favorite Establishment Figure Twitter Award: @Daroff

Favorite Twitter Account for Random Jewish News That May Have Slipped Under Our Radar: @hypersem

Seriously if there is a video of somebody doing drunken showtunes in Yiddish, this guy will find it first.

Favorite Twitter Account whose first Tweet is Usually about Somebody Paying Her to Humiliate Them: @Jappyprincess

Favorite Twitter Account to Let Us Know what Ezra Klein is up to and Thinking: @EzraKlein

Our favorite person with “Chicago in Their Name Award: @ChicagoLeah

Person Who Seems to Know Every Jew in the Universe Award: @EstherK

Person on Twitter that should RT Us to Make Our Fashion Editor Happy: @BravoAndy

Seriously Andy, help a nice Jewish girl realize her dreams.

Favorite Tweeter of all things old movies and comedy: @ChutzpahShiksa

Favorite Twitter Name that Pretty Much Sums it Up: @TheJewishDream