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Finding Your Inner Lena Dunham

Writer and director Amanda Smith’s ‘Girls’ parody Read More

By / September 23, 2013

Twenty-something, female, New York-based writers feel the pressure to be the next Lena Dunham. We hold our loved ones’ impending disappointment on our shoulders because we know, before they do, that Dunham’s got the hip millennial market cornered and we ain’t getting none of that HBO money, not never.

In that vein, writer and director Amanda Smith made “Dunhaming,” a short trailer for a show that will never actually come to be. Smith moves to Brooklyn, has one of her friends act bitchier (à la Marnie), and lives the naked Dunham dream.

We just have one question: Where’s Shoshanna?

Dunhaming Trailer – watch more funny videos

(Still image from Funny or Die)