‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ Contestants Plagued With Lice

Even Heidi Klum couldn’t say auf wiedersehen to the pesky outbreak Read More

By / April 25, 2013

Thanks to a small pest of outsized annoyance, Heidi Klum and Germany’s Next Top Model 2013 may have unknowingly had their most exciting plot twist of all season. Der Spiegel reports that on the “Sexy Edition” of the show, which aired last Thursday, 16-year-old frontrunner Anna Maria became infected with head lice and then shared a louse or two with fellow contestants.

“I have no idea where they came from,” Anna Maria was quoted as saying. “I probably tried on a hat while shopping, and suddenly I had lice.” So was it backstage sabotage? Unlucky circumstance? Hard to say, but luckily, in a dramatic show of true friendship, fellow model and former farm-girl Sabrina showed Anna Maria a special shampoo. Of course, not before a few other competitors scratched their heads in wonder and complained that they were feeling a bit itchy.

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)