The Geniuses Behind Hello Flo’s Viral “Camp Gyno” Video Have A New Gem

In “New Moon Party,” a precocious pre-teen waiting for her first period decides to fake it till she makes it. Read More

By / June 18, 2014

The geniuses behind Hello Flo‘s beloved, viral ad campaign of 2013 are back with a sequel—of sorts. In the hilarious new video, a precocious pre-teen who’s waiting anxiously for her first period decides to fake it till she makes it—literally!—by painting glittery red nail polish on a sanitary pad and hoping it passes for the real deal. Upon discovering the deception, her Mom decides to go along with the ruse and throw her a mortifying “First Moon Party,” replete with menses-themed takes on traditional party games, like “bobbing-for-ovaries” (grandpa loves it) and “pin-the-pad-on-the-period.”

So, what’s this all about? Selling period paraphernalia, essentially: Hello Flo is a service that sends you monthly packages filled with tampons, pads and candy, right when you’re due for your period. It’s Birchbox for your vagina. And sure, you can probably buy most of Hello Flo’s products way cheaper at the drugstore, but CEO Naama Bloom knows that there’s nothing people like more than snail mail, candy, and viral videos—especially when they’ve got cramps.

Just remember, wannabe menarche mermaids: “Periods don’t have glitter in them.”