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J.J. Abrams’ Mystery Trailer

Bad Robot released a teaser for ‘Stranger’ and the plot is purposely unclear Read More

By / August 20, 2013

Continuing the week’s mystery trailers is the man who brought us Alias, Lost, and Felicity. J.J. Abrams’ released Stranger, a new teaser from his production company Bad Robot. But it’s pretty unclear whether this teaser will become a show, a movie, or a new breed of entertainment we’ve yet to fathom.

We’re hoping Stranger will be some sort of hybrid of Abrams’ past ventures. Like, Felicity Porter’s lovesick ex, Noel Crane, took refuge on a remote island after years of jonesin’ for the self-reflective protagonist. And now, a decade since his days as a resident advisor, he’s back— and he’s angry.

What do you think Stranger is?

(Photo by Joi/Wikimedia)

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