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Jewish Presidents And Lucky Sperm Clubs: The Eliot Spitzer Movie Broken Down

Instead of seeing Client 9, the new movie that documents the rise and fall of Eliot Spitzer, here’s a cheat sheet from the movie that documents all that. Read More

By / November 15, 2010

Thanks to this handy cheat sheet at Nerve, I don’t ever have to see Client 9, the documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney charts the rise and fall of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.  Now I know that:

  • Spitzer was/is (?) part of something called the “Lucky Sperm Club.”
  • Spitzer could have been the first Jewish president.  Now it might be somebody like Eric Cantor.
  • Spitzer’s an idiot.
  • Cat Power is on the soundtrack to this film?  That’s really weird.