Julian Assange: Nobel Prize Nominated Jew Blamer

The WIkiLeaks founder gets a Nobel Prize nomination, and then blames the Jews for his troubles. Classic. Read More

By / March 1, 2011
Jewcy loves trees! Please don't print!

Two Julian Assange stories in one day:

1. The announcement that the whistleblowing organization founded by the Australian internet activist is up for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Which we would be really excited about if it weren’t for…

2.  According to the Jewish Chronicle:

The editor of Private Eye magazine says Assange told him that an Eye article about WikiLeaks’ Russian associate, alleged Holocaust denier and antisemite Israel Shamir, was “an obvious attempt to deprive him and his organisation of Jewish support and donations”.

In the same interview Mr Assange added that the magazine was “part of a conspiracy” led by “Jewish” writers.

We’ll wait to see the WikiLeaks supporting this claim.