Man Proposes to Fiance in a Creative and Adorable Way

Paul Phillips commissioned Nashville artist Yoni Limor to draw a children’s book for his proposal Read More

By / August 28, 2013

We all love a great proposal story. We share them with our friends, we watch them on YouTube, and we cry alone in our bedrooms—tears of happiness, sadness; no one really knows. But we especially love proposal stories that are less flash mob and more creative. Like Paul Phillips’ proposal.

Phillips called up Yoni Limor, an artist based in Nashville, whose work Phillips had seen back in January when Limor was commissioned by a fellow Young Judaea friend to draw a book about him and his future fiancé. So for Phillips’ own proposal to Erika Ramos, he had Limor illustrate a children’s book, featuring a gorilla and a giraffe who are very much in love. Phillips hid the book in the library where he would eventually propose. A photographer documented the moment and put in on Facebook.

Needless to say, the pictures went viral. They’ve been written up on Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and on Wednesday, they were featured on Good Morning America.

The couple is getting married next fall. Mazel tov!

(Photo by Laura Ingram/Facebook)


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