March Madness Continues: ROUND 2!

Plus, some stunning results from Round One. Read More

By / March 20, 2017

Well, that was exhausting.

Round One of our Jewish Celebrity March Madness had some predictable results (did anyone really think Jake Tapper could take the Notorious RBG?), but also some upsets, and some really close races.  Here’s a recap of just a few showdowns:

  • Neither member of Broad City is making it past the first round! Abbi and Ilana won’t have to go head to head.
  • Winona Ryder held a lead on Rachel Weisz until the last few hours of the competition, and then BOOM! Ditto a last-minute reversal taking the round from Paul Rudd and giving it to ScarJo.
  • Bette vs. Babs? Dylan vs. Joel? Bette, and Joel, it turns out.
  • In a stunning turn of events, Drake is out in the first round! Let’s hear it for Daveed Diggs!
  • Bernie loses, yet again, though this was much closer than the 2016 primaries.

And so, we present to you, the Round 2 bracket:


Go ahead and vote below; you have until Friday morning the 24th, 9 a.m. Eastern Time. Also, keep tweeting us angrily (new hashtag— #JewishCelebs); you had the moral high-ground for Round 1, but now, these are your picks.

And is the anticipation killing you? Well, if you sign up for emails below, you’ll have the results of Round 2 emailed to you, before Round 3 is live:


'Pineapple EX-press' or 'Crazy EX-Girlfriend?'
They have the same initials!
Child Stars to Modern Stars
Can Mel be stopped? Should he be?
'Fury Road' vs. 'V for Vendetta'
Pick an Emma Watson co-star
Uh... Deborah Lipstadt vs. 'Ghost in the Shell?'
Fast and Furious? Or Wet and Hot?


Mama vs. Papa
Funk rock or anti-folk?
"Uptown Funk" vs. 'Hamilton'— UBIQUITY BATTLE!
"Fight Song" or Nah?


Um... both are married to Harvard grads?
SCOTUS Judge vs. MN Senator


Final Athlete Pick!
Director vs. Novelist