Simon Cowell Donated a Ton of Money to the IDF

He also, allegedly, sang the ‘Power Rangers’ theme song Read More

By / October 25, 2013

Simon Cowell, you sneaky little sweetheart. This guy might be mean on prime time television, but in civilian clothing, he’s one philanthropic guy. Cowell attended an event for the Israel Defense Forces on Wednesday and donated a bunch of his own money to the well being of men and women in Israeli uniform, the Times of Israel reports.

Cowell, best known for his acid-tongued judgments on “American Idol” and “The X Factor,” attended a fundraiser for Israeli soldiers on Wednesday and shelled out $150,000 of his own money for the cause. The event was hosted by billionaire Haim Saban, the Israeli creator of “Power Rangers.”

The event was put together by Haim Saban, the Israeli billionaire and creator of the ’90s hit kids TV show, Power Rangers. Saban offered to donate $1 million if Cowell sang the Power Rangers theme song. And, supposedly, Cowell sang away. What we’d give for video of that event.

“Go Go Power Rangers” will likely be stuck in all of our heads for the weekend.

(Photo by John Phillips/Getty)