Stupid Schmucks Make a Swastika Out Of Folding Chairs…Then Get Arrested

Two guys + 18 folding chairs designed into a Nazi symbol + parking lot of synagogue in one of the most Jewish neighborhoods in New York = Recipe for disaster. Read More

By / November 22, 2010

It’s almost December, and Erik Bracamonte and Joseph Cianciulli have been nominated for “Dumbest Schmucks of the 2010” just under the wire.  The duo were arrested for allegedly taking 28 folding chairs, and arranging them into one giant swastika in a synagogue parking lot.

According to reports, the police didn’t have a hard time cracking the case:

“[O]fficers found one of the suspects, who admitted to being in the synagogue and arranging the chairs. From there…the investigation “blossomed into the arrest of another suspect.”

Part of me wants to almost say, “well at least they got creative; they didn’t spray paint a swastika into the wall,” but then I think to myself, “they placed 28 pieces of furniture in the shape of a swastika in a parking lot that probably has at least 2 cameras on at all times, and didn’t stop to think about that?”  That’s comic gold guys.  You should sell your story to Mel Gibson so he can make a buddy film.

Also, this just in: anti-semites are still idiots.