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The Bossy, Demanding Jewish Women of ‘Jewtopia’

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By / September 13, 2013

Jewtopia, adapted from a very successful off-Broadway play, has a very simple and sufficiently offensive plot that goes something like this: Christian, a handsome, non-Jewish guy (Ivan Sergei) wants to marry Alison, a pretty Jewish girl (Jennifer Love Hewitt) so that he never has to make another decision in his life because, of course, all Jewish girls are bossy, demanding, and super turned on by a guy who makes multiple meal substitutions at a restaurant (watch the trailer, you’ll see). So, Christian pretends to be Jewish, calling himself Avi Rosenberg, learning the tricks of the tribe from his Jewy best friend Adam (Joel David Moore) who grew up with the ideal, demanding Jewish mother (Rita Wilson).

The trailer goes on, as the girls bark orders at their men who cower and concede their authority to the all-powerful Jewish goddess megalomaniacs.

Oh, there’s nothing like a film stock full of Jewish stereotypes to ring in the New Year.