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The Maccabeats New Hanukkah Single is Here

And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn Read More

By / November 21, 2013

Check out the Maccabeat’s new Hanukkah video

Ellie Goulding finally got what she wanted: the Maccabeats have remixed her song for some a cappella greatness. For the band’s Hanukkah jam, Goulding’s “Burn” fit the bill because of its many party, EDM mentions, or, maybe, because of its pryo-laden lyrics. “And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn” is so Hanukkah.

For the sensitive, the Maccabeats newest music video is a tearjerker. Big guys in jackets labeled “Bullies” (to avoid any confusion, of course) are harassing a nice boy at school. He wears a baseball cap instead of a kippah, and it’s clear that his school life is rough. When he goes home that evening, his family prepares and enjoys a warm Thanksgivukkah meal.

Now, it could’ve been the tryptophan, the menorah’s lights, or the Maccabeats’ sweet, sweet harmony, but the teased kid gets Judah the Maccabee-like strength. He goes back to school, donning his kippah in public, and the bullies ain’t got nothing to say about it.

We’ll play this one loud and proud. Thanks, Maccabeats. You didn’t change up Goulding’s lyrics that much, but it’s understandable. Those lyrics are rousing even when they’re not alluding to Hanukkah.

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