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The Most Peaceful Ending to Israeli Road Rage Ever

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By / January 3, 2014









If any of you have ever traveled in a “monit” in Israel (Hebrew for “taxi”), you likely have feared for your life a number of times. Israeli’s aren’t just fierce in dialect, they are no-nonsense drivers. “Eh, Tel Aviv University, 40 shekel!” I heard so many times roaming back and forth between Tel Aviv and campus, which was in the smaller suburb of Ramat Aviv (near the MALL/taxi stand, obv).

This laugh-out-loud car rage moment isn’t by taxi drivers, but by unlikely friends (one assumes) who don’t realize each other by car. One driver jumps out of his car ready to throw down, prompting the other to do the same. The two look like they’re about to having a screaming match, before they quickly change course and hug it out.

Gotta love happy endings!

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