Trend Alert: Get Ready for Fall With These Hebrew-Adorned Tights

Israeli company Zohara offers ‘I <3 TLV' tights so you can stay warm in style Read More

By / September 28, 2012

As the weather gets colder, do you find yourself wishing there was some way to outwardly proclaim your love of Israel, maybe even on your outerwear? If so, Israeli company Zohara has you covered (literally!) with their line of tights and leggings.

While the whimsical designs range from Marilyn Monroe’s face to a matrioshka doll, it’s the ones with the Hebrew for ‘And you shall love’ running down the shin that we can’t get enough of. Also the ones that say ‘I Heart Tel Aviv.’

All you need are some McQueen armadillo shoes and you’re ready for a night out in Neve Tzedek.

(Images via Zohara Tights)