UFC Fighter Won’t Fight Because Of Alleged Neo-Nazi Past

Benjamin Brinsa denies the claims, but the UFC is looking into it with a legal team Read More

By / September 12, 2013

Continuing the Neo-Nazi news of the day is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which has ended the contract of Mixed Martial Arts fighter Benjamin Brinsa for an alleged Neo-Nazi past, Sports Blog Nation reports. first reported that the undefeated welterweight, who hails from Leipzig, Germany and is nicknamed “The Hooligan,” is allegedly a member of the Leipzig-based hooligan group Scenario LOK, that his team, La Familia, has Neo-Nazi ties, and that Brinsa used to help run a mail-order service for Neo-Nazi rock music.

Brinsa has feverishly denied the claims, stating they’re part of a smear campaign out to destroy his reputation. UFC President Dana White made clear that the organization is looking into Brinsa’s history.

“If he, in any way, shape, or form is involved in racist groups, Neo-Nazi groups, or anything negative like that, he’ll be cut,” White said. “But I don’t want to jump the gun, because some people are tweeting stuff, and jump the gun and ruin this guy’s life if it’s not true. So we’re going to look into it. I literally have a whole team of lawyers and everything in house looking at it right now in Vegas, and if it’s true, [he will be cut].”

Hopefully that’s all the news on this topic for the day.

(Photo by Lee Brimelow/Wikimedia)

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