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Makeup (Not) For Ever? Woman Suing Lancome for Shabbat Makeup Fail

The brand’s 24-hour foundation doesn’t last through Shabbat, the suit alleges Read More

By / May 1, 2013

The New York Post reports that an Orthodox Jewish woman from Monsey, N.Y. is suing the cosmetics company Lancome because their 24-hour foundation didn’t last through Shabbat. Apparently the brand’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H, which Rorie Weisberg applied before sundown on Friday evening, did not provide the “endless perfection” and “divine comfort” it advertised—an issue for the observant Weisberg, for whom reapplication is ritually forbidden until Saturday evening.

Talk about false idoles. But what is this whole suit really about?

“Specifically, plaintiff’s eldest son is having his bar mitzvah celebration in June and plaintiff was looking for a long-lasting foundation that would achieve the foregoing dual objectives over the bar mitzvah Sabbath,” the suit says.

It charges that the pricey face paint — $45 for a 1-ounce bottle — “faded significantly” overnight.

Someone call the Maccabees—she needs some makeup that really lasts.