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Noah vs Cousin Moishe, Part III

This is the third installment in the saga of Noah, a secular Jew who is happily engaged to a non-Jewish woman, and his baal teshuvah cousin Moishe. Moishe emailed Noah to express his displeasure with Noah’s choice of a bride, … Read More

By / June 15, 2009

This is the third installment in the saga of Noah, a secular Jew who is happily engaged to a non-Jewish woman, and his baal teshuvah cousin Moishe. Moishe emailed Noah to express his displeasure with Noah’s choice of a bride, and Noah wrote back basically telling his cousin to go play in traffic.. Now, Moishe has emailed his own mother ("Mother") and Noah’s mom Rachel, hoping to pull them into his battle for Noah’s eternal soul.As before, not a single word or misspelled word has been changed.

Subject: hi HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

This is a special birthday message to you to give you a very great present- namely coaching on this very important matter to give it the proper focus and energy and intention it deserves!! I have timed things perfectly as I have now successfully ’tilled the soil’ sufficient enough for you each to share your true feelings with Noah. The truth is before one sews seeds one must take a perfectly goo dpeice of land and rip it up quite a bit and so now the ground is soft for you to plant our delicate seed Rachel, please do so with care. Rachel, I recommend, especially after seeing his having written that you could care less and you don’t believe in G-d, that you tell him the truth about how it saddens you, and weakens you, and that you don’t feel good at all about supporting the endeavor in any way and that you were only merely resigned to having to say ‘what can I do’ Mother, I recommend you tell Noah the truth about your loss, my lack of a Father, your lack of a husband and that you admit that had your parents or grandparents been clear to you about not supporting you to go through with it, that you likely would not have as you respected your parents and what they told you. Furthermore, I recommend you get clarification as to what Noah meant when he made the claim as to the ‘crazy women that raised me’ what he meant by that.

And lastly, you should both be 100% crystal clear that nothing I said was my belief, it is rather your beliefs that are fighting against the information I’ve presented. The fact is that I’ve said nothing out-of line with traditonal torah precepts. I am comanded to rebuke him and warn him and ot do everything within my power to make a clear case for what is happening. A JEW IS FORBIDDEN TO MARRY A GOY and this is not personal THE ARE CONSEQUENCES TO SO-CALLED MARRYING A GOY many of which I’ve articulated in the straight-forward and unflattering manner that the situation deserves. THERE IS A SOURCE TO ONES TAKING AN ACTION THAT THEY SHOULD NOT and I’ve attempted to highlight it, in attempt to bridge the gap as quickly as possible to stimulate a quick & effective response As an additional statement: HE SHOULD BE THOUGHT OF AS THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM NOT ME he is disregarding his lineage, his Torah, his G-d, in favor of his limited human intelect (combined with his lack of focused study in this area) and NOE OF YOU HAVE SPENT TIME UNDERSTANDING THIS AREA and so therefore your response is understandable nevertheless I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR TRUE FEELINGS WHICH I ASSERT OCCUR FOR YOU AS A LITTLE VOICE THAT IS QUIETER THAT THE LOUDER ONE WHICH SAYS "OH WELL, IF HE’S HAPPY" – THE QUIETER VOICE THAT SAYS "WHAT A SHAME" you each had the privilidge of being bon Jewish and to disregard this last statement I made would be to say that you would be happy being stripped of your being Jewish, for however tenuous your link or understanding and as well, go backwards and strip all Jewishness out of your life entirely and simply said… you could’nt do it and so I encourage you to drop your modern eglaitarian philosophies, clal a spade a spade, admit your loss and the lack of the best thing for Noah, the cheapness of t substitute and eally AND I’M TALKING TO YOU RACHEL, REALY, You can now be honest with him. And you should not le this opportunity pass without BEING HONEST WITH HIM. THERE IS MORE TO SAY THAT "I’F YOUR HAPPY, I’M HAPPY’ The fact is that’s all you’ve been empowered to say, because of your own lack or fucused study and understanding in this area (both of your true pesonal feelings and Jewsih Law) Noah is a gift and could be a great Jewish man if he does not go through with this. if he goes through with this he’ll be at best part of the assimilated masses and at worst divorced, etc. WE ARE TAUGHT TO TREAT SUCH AN EVEN AS A FUNERAL AND SAYING THAT SHOULD HAVE YOU PONDER WHAT OUR SAGES MEANT BY THAT. YOU SHOUD PONDER – WOW WHAT ABOUT THIS IS LIKE A FUNERAL, HMMM AND REALLY LOOK AND REALLY FEEL AND REALLY LET IN IN. The lie would be, if at the "wedding" you said "we acecpt you into our family, etc." THAT IS A LIE!!! She is not in your family, she is not Jewish , she will raise non-Jewish children and more appopriately you should not say that and let her say "i accept you into my family" because that’s whats going on. Rachel, be bold and tell the truth Mom, be bold and real as well Love, Moishe