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Ten Plagues Nail Decals to Take Your Seder to the Next Level

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By / March 18, 2013

Feel like something’s missing from your Passover routine? Is your seder not hands on enough? Fill your paschal void with these new Ten Plagues Nail Decals, which feature—you guessed it—mini fingernail-ready depictions of each of the plagues.

They’re the latest from Rabbi Yael Buechler, of Midrash Manicure fame. Tablet profiled Buechler in 2009 (the Times wrote about her in 2011), exploring the roots of the rabbi’s unusual outlet:

Nearly every week for 10 years, she has painted iconic scenes (the great flood), powerful phrases (u’vcharta b’chaim—“choose life”), and holiday symbols (dreidels, sukkahs) on her nails. She invests small choices with great creativity and thought. When she paints the first Passover plague, rivers filled with blood, should a small fish be swimming around as a reminder that the river is a source of life? She associates her nail-painting with midrash, a type of commentary that fills in narrative and logical gaps in the Torah. Midrashic stories, often imaginative, are tools for thought. “This is not written midrash,” Buechler says, “but this is artistic midrash.”

We asked our friend Elissa Goldstein to model Buechler’s Passover wares, which are easily applied and will last through at least the first seder. Glitter nail polish sold separately:

Get your own set here.

(Photos by Tracy Levy)


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