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The Big Jewcy: Shawn Landres – The Spark To Jumpstart New Ideas

Shawn Landres knows that Jews have lots of ideas. He wants to help bring them to fruition. Read More

By / June 14, 2011
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Jews: we’re one big culture full of ideas.  Abrahamic religions — that’s because of us. Theory of relativity — one of our guys came up with that.  Round pieces of bread with holes in the middle — we made those awesome and called them bagels.  Shawn Landres realizes all this, and that’s why he’s the co-founder (along with Joshua Avedon) and CEO of Jumpstart, an incubator, catalyst, and think tank based in Los Angeles.  Their mission is to develop, strengthen, and learn from emerging nonprofit organizations that build community at the nexus of spirituality, learning, social activism, and culture, in order to transform the broader Jewish community and the world.

(Photo by Renata Landres)