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Why Don’t Jews Find Jesus In Random Places?

We’re skeptical of that Jewish guy with the long hair and weird ideas showing up in random places Read More

By / July 21, 2011
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Among about 500 other reasons I don’t believe in Jesus being the lord and savior (#1 on the list: I’m Jewish…), the thing that I always wonder is why is it that the people who end up seeing the guy’s image in random things are always Christian?  If Jesus is the savior of all of mankind, I’d imagine he’d want to start mixing things up, and showing up in random places to a more diverse group than, say, people who already believe in him.

So until some guy name Dov Cohen who lives in Borough Park says he found the face of Jesus in his hummus, I’m going to keep being really skeptical of people like the couple in South Carolina who claim to have found an image of J to the C in their Wal-Mart receipt.