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FFJD: Say My Name, Say My Name

This post actually has more to do with Kim Kardashian, less than the Destiny’s Child song. Read More

By / May 26, 2011
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Which really used to be one of my favorite-ist Destiny’s Child songs. Is that the one where they’re in rotating-colored rooms and Beyonce had blonde crimped hair and that other chick was still in the group who they booted and now does infomercials?

The title of this post, in keeping with the rest of my 90s and 00s song enthusiasm (just wait til I find an FFJD post title that includes lyrics from widely heralded Insane Clown Posse), actually has to do with Kim Kardashian. Because doesn’t everything have to do with Kimmy K? Perfumes, dog leashes, diet products, Kleenex that’s especially curvaceous, etc.
So Justin Kimberlake got engaged to Kris Humphries in a really intimate and subtle People Magazine cover. Her $2 million dollar ring was both tasteful and scented.

But what I really want to discuss is the fact that Not so Lil Kim is marrying a man who shares the same name as her mother. And not just phoenetically, they’re both named “Kris” with a K. Kinky!

Would you ever date someone with the name of a relative or sibling (or parent?)

I know its stopped myself and friends before, even if not consciously. There’s something odd, admittedly, about making out with someone who goes by the same moniker as your older brother. It sounds a little silly, but I think on some level its just weird. You have a lot associated with the name of a family member – memories of Thanksgivings past, battles over the bathroom growing up (um hi fyi to brothers everywhere, thanks for putting up with our hour-long eyebrow-plucking sessions). Can you detach your memories with a name for someone new? Would that ever be a dealbreaker?

I know it sounds silly, but I think Freud would probably have a field day with Sir Kims a Lot. Their meeting would probably involve product placement and unresolved daddy issues. Plus, this is going to be extremely confusing in cell phone address books, place card settings, and embroidered Frette bathrobes.

What about dating people with the same name?

FFJD Lady of the Year recipient (the trophy was a bronze frozen yogurt) Bethenny Frenkel claims to have “dated every Jason in new york.” What if you’ve had a terrible experience with a Jeff, would that impact your seeing a different guy with the same name? Do some of those sentiments carry over? I think they do, even if only subconsciously.

I say yes. But maybe for Kim, its just easier, she doesn’t have to learn how to spell something Knew.

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