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My Big Ol’ Jewish Wedding: A Quick Note To The “Rabbi On The Go”

There’s a rabbi who will marry anybody. As a Jew about to have a Jewish wedding, I think that sorta sucks. Read More

By / December 8, 2011
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Over at Tablet, Marc Tracy talks to Rabbi Kenneth Block, the rabbi who will marry anybody; Jew, gentile, Satan worshiper, etc., and give them the complete Jewish treatment complete with chuppah, ketubah, and blessings.  Block’s reasoning is skewed to say the least, and as somebody who is actually Jewish, and going through the process (literally, it’s a huge process) of having a wedding that adheres to Jewish tradition as close to the letter as possible, I gotta say that not only is what Rabbi Block is doing totally wrong and insulting, but he’s robbing these people of the greatest Jewish traditions of them all: haggling with the kosher caterer, and talking to the rabbi about “kosher sex.”