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My Life as a Goldenberg in Five Charts

Inspired by this week’s “Modern Love” column, one Goldenberg set out to discover the statistical likelihood of finding a soulmate who shares her name Read More

By / July 17, 2012
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Lately, it seems like the New York Times is speaking right to me. I’ve just started to get used to the endless articles about 20-somethings figuring out what to do with themselves. But last week’s Modern Love column about a romance based on a shared last name—MY last name—pretty much confirmed my suspicion that the New York Times exists solely to communicate with me about my life. The column’s author, Milla Goldenberg, is certainly not lacking in Goldenberg pride, scoffing at the more common Goldberg variation of our name: “Ours was the older, more dignified surname, which translates to “gold mountain” in German. Linguistically intact, Goldenberg conjures up sun-kissed hills that resemble health and bounty.” Hm, not bad.

Milla got me thinking about life as a Goldenberg, and what the are chances that my soul mate does, in fact, have the same last name as me (in my opinion, weird even if we’re not related). So, here is my comprehensive study on life as a Goldenberg:

Source: Census

Source: New York Times

Source: New York Times

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Facebook

(Main image credit: New York Times)