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The Sunday Mazel: Couples Who Would Make Great Law Firms

Another couple tie the knot, and you may think they’re lawyers. Read More

By / December 12, 2010

Susan Freeman and Gabriel Kaufman are getting married this evening in Washington.  We’re sure they’ll be a happy couple.  We’re also happy that they’re continuing the tradition of joining together Jewish families, that when combined, sound like fantastic law firms.

Freeman and Kaufman: We get your money.


Kaufman & Freeman : We will sue for you.


Maybe add a Shapiro to it: Kaufman, Freeman and Shapiro: You won’t go to jail.

Sure, gentiles have Crockett & Tubbs, Cagney & Lacey, Hardcastle & McCormick; and we’re totally happy about those great goyish icons of 80s television, but do they sound like good teams of litigators?  No way.

Thanks Gabriel and Susan for continuing this great tradition.