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The Sunday Mazel: Off For The Holiday

There are very few weddings to announce over the holiday weekend. We’re happy this one was around. Read More

By / November 28, 2010

There was one wedding this week that we could consider for the Sunday Mazel, and frankly, we’re surprised there were any, considering people were busy being thankful that the pilgrims and indians could stuff a turkey.

Since it’s post-Thanksgiving, we probably shouldn’t say that the wedding of Adriana Kertzer and Barry R. Goldman makes us thankful, but it does.  It makes us thankful knowing that only 70% of all Jewish wedding announcements in The New York Times includes a lawyer in the mix.  In this case, we’re thankful because Adriana was going to practice law, but instead decided that she’d rather be a designer instead.

Thanks Adriana for throwing a wrench in the machine, and breaking the numbers down.  And mazel tov to both of you guys!