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Would Etsy Blog About My Shtetl Themed Wedding?

We can throw a wedding that totally exploits the poverty of our own ancestors! Read More

By / August 4, 2011
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I’ve written a lot about the planning of my upcoming wedding in the past (and will continue to do so in the future…), but I think I’d take a slight detour from my chronicles of planning, and propose this: if the future Mrs. Diamond (or Mrs. Her maiden name-Diamond) would be willing, I think we scrap all of the current plans, and try to do what the people who had a depression-era hobo wedding did, and have a theme wedding of our own.  Except instead of making light of poor American people from 1929-now, we can throw a bash that totally exploits the poverty of our own ancestors!  Think about it: our moms and their friends could sew everything while they gossip about local characters like Moshe the plumber and Lazar Wolf the guy who works the meat counter at Whole Foods.  Since we both have a lot of gentile friends, we can maybe do some Cossack reenactment scene to make the hall we’ve rented feel more Pale of the Settlement, and I’m sure we could convince some gangly guy to follow the wedding procession while playing the violin.

Seriously, think about it. A shtetl themed wedding.  We could really start something here…