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Power Play X

The daily theater that transpires around me is so wrought with tragedy, irony, love and passion, that creating art about my own present circumstances and current events is enough material to last an entire lifetime. These mixed media wall reliefs … Read More

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Artneuland: Israeli Art without Borders

Yael Katz Ben Shalom and Eyal Ben-Dov are members of Artneuland, an Israeli collective of leading artists, curators, theoreticians, and intellectuals. Primarily focused on photography and video, Artneuland adapts its name ["the new art land"] from a play on words … Read More

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I sat with my uncle outside Boudin Bakery on Ofarrell drinking cappuccino and sharing a scone. It was a glorious Saturday afternoon in downtown San Francisco; warm but not humid, sunny but not glaring. The sky was the idyllic blue … Read More

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Dry thorns like a camp of crusaders limbs slashed only the points of blades the jutting of helmets– in the rooms blinds are drawn women tear their flesh off tan bodies– jasmine scents, wild-leaved tendrils and the exhalation of the … Read More

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Camp Stone Tetherball

Boys, Boys Boys with bruises On their wrists Air Jordans and tzitzis Their crocheted yarmulkes And their way of seeing things: Taking a girls’ game And claiming it for men They define centrifugal force The way they hit the ball … Read More

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1. I would never submit to shiatsu massages for three reasons: I don’t like having strangers touch me; I begrudge the expense; and I don’t believe in “alternative” therapies. Nevertheless, for more than a year I have been going regularly … Read More

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My Journey to Flexidoxy – or, At Home on the Slippery Slope

1. Weaving When I was in my twenties, I wrote a book on the philosophy of halacha, as I had come to understand it over a half-decade of being a baal tshuva, one who takes on religious observance later in … Read More

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Pogrom Pop: T Cooper’s Lipshitzes

Reviewed: Lipshitz Six, or Two Angry Blondes by T Cooper Dutton, 2006 My college boyfriend’s grandmother was from Poland. Mushkie came to Chicago as a teenager, getting out in time, well before the Holocaust. All four of my grandparents were … Read More

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