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Free Kurdistan

Judging by Peter Galbraith's excellent The End of Iraq, the advent of Kurdistan as a distinct country has occurred in all but name. The language is different, the identity is different (most Kurds are Sunnis, but declare themselves Kurds first), … Read More

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Spirituality in a Time of Seriousness: Levels and Religion

1. Baking a Cake for Israel One of my favorite Onion articles came two weeks after September 11. The satirical newspaper had begun in a more innocent time, the frivolity and possibility of which seem hard to remember now: the … Read More

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My Life as a Jewish Hare Krishna Skinhead

From a very early time in my life, I had a clear idea what Jewish boys were supposed to be like, how they behaved, and what schools and colleges they would no doubt attend. My father was originally from Frankfurt, … Read More

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Portfolio: Nava Lubelski

I met Nava Lubelski on an artist’s retreat in Johnson, Vermont, at the first supper of the retreat. Over fresh baked bread, we talked about our work, and, as there often is in non-Jewish circles, there was curiosity about the … Read More

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Don Flamenco’s Finest Round

Drew looked me up and down. He said, “Tell me I can’t rip your head off.” I didn’t say anything. He made fists and opened his hands. His head only came to my chin, but he had a thin brown … Read More

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Now the beautiful boys …

Now the beautiful boys are no longer. A man in a plastic orange cloak has piled empty soft drinks cans on a black sheet. Sand whirls, carried on the wind’s wings. The gray of the sea dissipates in the mist, … Read More

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Tisha B’Av

I wake up in a Bushwick loft on Tisha B’Av          the safe                 looks at me with its one notched and numbered eye winking: remember the lifetimes before you, child. Factory, storehouse, temple. I wake up in Brooklyn mourning          … Read More

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Biography as Destiny: Eva Hesse at the Jewish Museum

Around and around: the ongoing debates over Eva Hesse Regularly exhibited during her lifetime in the museums and galleries of New York and abroad, Eva Hesse is still considered one of the major international artists of the late 20th century. … Read More

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